Saturday Showcase: Illustrators Katharine Asher, Philip Bannister, & Christian David Moore

Illustration is such a beautiful and powerful art form. The line work, tonal values and colours that are employed each are a building block of the finished piece. I am always amazed at how several artists can have almost the same tools and yet create such different images and vibes within those images.

Without further ado, here are the featured illustrators!

Katharine Asher. She is a figurative illustrator, was formally schooled at Harrow College of Art and has worked with BBC, Elizabeth Arden, and Armani to name a few. You can see more of her work in her portfolio.


Philip Bannister. He is an illustrator who uses mainly watercolour in addition to other mediums, studied at Batley College of Art, and some of his clients include The National Trust, Conde Nast, and Telegraph Magazine.You can see more of his work in his portfolio



Christian David Moore. He is a illustrator who also specializes in figurative work, particularly fashion. He has done work for clients such as Chanel, Monaco tourist office, and Elle Magazine. You can view more of his work in his portfolio.




So those are a few of the illustrators I have found in the past few weeks. Do you have any favourite illustrators?


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